2nd Lahore International Conference on Culture 2017

Youth Revolution Clan in collaboration with Cultural Infusion Australia is going to Organize the “2nd Lahore International Conference on Culture “.

Culture is a set of rules and behavioral patterns we learn with socialization. However, in a globalized (and multicultural) world culture became subject of discussions from various points of views, and its importance is not loosing strength. In the past century, we witnessed many attempts to foster cultural agendas using popular culture where identities were formed in a way to present one nation to other nations in a favorable way, and where audiences were confronted with various messages that are sometimes blurred with first-hand experiences. States indeed invest funding in their cultural policies, and particularly in their cultural policies oriented towards abroad via external cultural institutes, or tourist offers where culture is emphasized as an achievement of a certain nation (most notably, in art and music).

Cultural relations, on the other hand, are centered on creating mutual recognition and understanding, however, many scholars and practitioners expressed criticism calling western countries as imperialists imposing their cultural patterns over less advanced countries just via peaceful means and not through colonialism anymore. On the other hand, culture is often a subject of discussion when minority groups are in stake because minorities find themselves surrounded by different culture, and in a dilemma whether to assimilate or to preserve their culture while still trying to lead average lives. The latter is then subject of criticism from conservatives and the Far Right that insist on integration, an unclear term that sometimes seems more like forced integration.

Papers and Research articles on following topics are also invited for publication and presentation.

Conference Theme and Discussion Topics:

• The Role of Culture in the Implementation of The 2030 Agenda For Sustainable Development.
• Multicultural Cities: The Challenges of Urban Governance.
• Culture and Nationalism: Accepting Cultural Diversity.
• Religion and Culture for Interfaith Harmony .
• Cultural Diplomacy for Sustainable Development .
• Intangible Cultural Heritage.
• Culture and Media.

Objectives of The Conference:

Share experiences and propose strategic recommendations to strengthen culture-based sustainable development initiatives at the international, national, regional and local levels;

Present and discuss the draft Cultural Policy of Pakistan- for the Sustainable Development in the context of the implementation of the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development.

Creating Cultural Identity of Pakistan all over the world

Portraying the positive, peaceful and soft image of Pakistan

Proposed Speakers:

High-level representatives of Governments and International Organizations, internationally renowned experts, representatives of the private sector, Universities and non-governmental organizations from Australia, Germany, Switzerland, India, SriLanka, Jordan, Mexico, Costa Rica, Malaysia, Singapore, Bangladesh, United States of America, Turkey , Greece, Cyprus, Denmark and Norway.

Expected Outcomes:

• The Lahore Outcomes: Recommendations on maximizing the role of culture to achieve sustainable development and effective ways of integrating culture in planning and regeneration of policies and creative economy and quality of life.
• An international platform to share challenges, best practices and case studies on preservation and redevelopment of the Cultural Diplomacy of Pakistan.
• Strategic input to finalize Youth Cultural Exchange Program with partner countries to strengthen the culture, share the values and traditions at International levels.

Registration Fee for International Delegates : 200 USD
Registration Fee for National Delegates (Outside Lahore) : 6500 Rs. (The Registration fee for National delegates include the accommodation of three nights in Lahore.)

Registration Fee for Local Delegates ( Lahore) : 1500 Rs.

All the conference fee includes registration pack, Conference material, Access to venue pass and Certificate.

Cultural Performance Troops are also welcome to participate from all over the world.

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+923219406596 or email at yrcpakistan@gmail.com

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