The 10th Launchpad

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Launchpad is our flagship 2 day event which in a nutshell marks the beginning of our new incubation cycle.

Day 1: Applicants pitch, scoring by a Panel of Judges, Results Announced.
Day 2: Shortlisted applicants receive mentoring, develop product prototype (if required) and prepare final presentations. Final Presentations are made by shortlisted teams that are rated by a Panel of Judges and selected teams are incubated.
Each incubation cycle lasts for 6 months.
To be eligible:
1- You have to be a Pakistani citizen. Although it is held in the 3 major cities of Pakistan (Lahore, Karachi and Islamabad), it is a nationwide initiative and teams from all over Pakistan are called to participate.
*In case you’re selected for incubation and you reside outside of Lahore, you’ll have to re-locate to Lahore.*
2- Must be above 18 years to be eligible to apply.
3- Launchpad is open for everyone. Women are highly encouraged to apply.
4- One applicant can only apply with one idea.
5- Startups need to have a product-based business idea with a tech component.
6- Startup should be able to present a mock up/wire-frame/prototype of the product.
7- Startup needs to have a strong, self-motivated and skillful team of 2 members at least – 1 CEO and 1 CTO.
8- Founder should not be employed elsewhere so to commit the upcoming 6 months (9-5 p.m.) to his/her startup at Plan9.
What business ideas qualify for incubation?
Since we’re a technology incubator, your business idea must be product based and have a tech component.
Your startup could be in any domain related to tech such as:
– e­commerce,
– EdTech (Education Tech)
– FinTech (Finance Tech)
– HealthTech
– AdTech
– SaaS (Software as a Service)
– Mobile App
– Web App
– Hardware
How many people can be in a team?
2-5 members. 1 CEO & 1 CTO are must.
What is the selection procedure for incubation?
In 5 steps the procedure is:
1. Acceptance of online applications
2. Shortlisting of selected teams
3. Invitation to shortlisted teams to attend the Plan9 Launchpad
4. Rating by panel of judges
5. Selection of the top scoring teams for incubation
What do you get from incubation at Plan9?
You’ll get:
– Free work space and infrastructure with fantastic:
– Mentoring on every aspect of a startup:
a. Product Development
b. Business Development
c. Financial Planning
d. Pitch Training
e. Legal Concerns
f. Marketing and PR
g. Corporate Communication
h. Internal Operations
i. Customer Acquisition
– Training and workshops by industry experts
– Legal advice of all kinds for your startups
– Networking opportunities for investment
– Connection with potential customers/business clients
Let us give you a snapshot of our AMAZING 5 year journey!
– 5 Years
– 9 Cycles
– 130+ Startups graduated
– $70 million accumulated valuation of startups
– $2.5 million gross investment raised
– 1000+ jobs created
– Multiple international players on board. Naming a few:
Capital Factory, Austin
City of Austin, Texas
Greater Austin Chamber of Commerce
Startup Istanbul
Department for International Development, U.K
Australian Government
TIE, Global Fostering Entrepreneurship
3 Day Startup
Tech Ranch Austin.
Open Silicon Valley
The World Needs Your Ground-breaking, Innovative, Disruptive Tech Based Idea!
Apply now at:
*The applications will CLOSE on the 20th of June.*
For more details visit our website:
Giving way to the 10th Launchpad, we welcome the next batch with a bang!

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Apply now at: *The applications will CLOSE on the 20th of June.* For more details visit our website:

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